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Alutrade are specialists in Extrusion and Can Scrap but we are also prime buyers of other aluminium and Non-Ferrous Metals.

All grades of aluminium from pure based grades of 1050 sheets to group 2 + 7 series aluminium and special alloys for the aerospace industry.

As well as these specs in solid form, we also take the swarf and turning equivalent, which we sort, refine, bale and send to specialist end users making ingots and plates for use back into the aerospace products.
Through our extensive network and knowledge of the industry, we can offer the best prices for the metals listed below:
Stainless Steel – 316, 304, 430 and many others
Brass – Mixed Brass, Swarf, Solids, Brass Coppeer Rads.
Copper – Dry Bright, Clean Tube, Tanks, Braziery and others
Tungsten Carbide
Our on site shredding facility enables us to gain a competitive advantage on other types of mixed metals that normal merchants would simply trade on. By shredding away the contamination, we can access markets that would not normally be available for that type of material. Examples of these metals are:

Wheels - Clean or Dirty
Old Rolled
Domestic Stainless
Hand Picked Aluminium
Irony Ali
WEEE - We are an ATF approved site.

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