Aluminium extrusion recycling and UBC recycling

We specialise in all aspects of aluminium extrusion recycling and are at the forefront of reinventing UBC recycling processes. We process in the region of 10,000 tonnes of cans a year, which equates to approximately 670,000,000 cans.

Extrusion scrap

Our aluminium extrusion recycling service

We’re unique in the way we recycle aluminium extrusions, particularly Thermal Break, and offer highly-competitive spot or monthly LME-linked prices.

We work directly with smelters, which means you only need to deal with us, and not merchants, who may take a margin out of your materials. As a result, we’re able to pay higher prices for your scrap.

We can take these aluminium extrusions:

  • All Mill finish (clean) alloys
  • Painted aluminium
  • Thermal Break

Plus these aluminium based materials:

  • Irony Ali
  • Old rolled
  • Alloy wheels
  • Cast aluminium

Our UBC recycling service 

We’re continuously coming up with new, industry-leading ways of recycling steel and aluminium cans.

Our expertise in this field is so strong, we recycled a third of all cans that were produced in the UK in 2010. More than 2,500 tonnes of UBC cans were recycled at our Redditch site.

And over the last 12 months, we’ve produced 390,000 UBC recycling bales, containing can, swarf, sheet and extrusion; the equivalent to more than 9,000 tonnes of aluminium.

We can take:

  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel cans
  • Mixed cans
  • Loose cans
  • Baled cans
  • Contaminated cans
  • Clean cans

Let us take care of all your extrusion scrap & UBC can needs