Helping FareShare Midlands provide 24,640 meals over the last 12 months

As a Midlands-based business, we are passionate about supporting the local Midlands community, which our partnership with our chosen charity, FareShare Midlands, enables us to do.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve donated just over £6,000, which has resulted in the charity being able to provide 24,640 meals for the most vulnerable people within the communities it works with.

Saving good food from going to waste

The Nechells-based charity redistributes good quality surplus food to more than 500 frontline charities and community organisations across the Midlands, who support 67,000 people every week.

The food is sorted and stored by teams of dedicated Fareshare Midlands staff and volunteers and redistributed through a network of local charities and community groups, such as community centres and cafes, pantries, hostels, before and after-school clubs and churches.

Thanks to all of the charity’s hard work all-year round, the amount of food waste that gets sent to landfill is minimal, if anything at all, which aligns with our own zero-waste-to-landfill vision.

Cost of living challenges

According to latest figures shared by FareShare Midlands, 96% of its charity members are facing new challenges due to the cost of living crisis, with 90% reporting an increase in demand for their services across the past year. Meanwhile, 70% of its members are already seeing more families with children turning to them for support for the first time.

We’ve been supporting the charity for the last three years now and continue to be amazed at how they use our donation to make such a widespread impact. We’re looking forward to continuing to support their efforts and the local community next year too.

To find out more about FareShare Midlands, visit: https://www.faresharemidlands.org.uk/