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Supporting CDW Systems in its quest to become more sustainable

Our aluminium recycling processes aren’t just pushing new boundaries in relation to our own capabilities and the wider recycling industry, they’re single-handedly revolutionising the way organisations operate – for the better.

CDW Systems are among the latest organisations to have turned to us as they ramp up their focus on becoming more environmentally responsible. More specifically, the Gloucester-based aluminium fabricator, part of the East Manor Group, has set its sights on cutting its carbon footprint.

Prior to turning to us, the company’s sustainability vision involved using 75% recycled aluminium profiles, a move that generated an impressive 378 tonnes of CO2 savings.

And now that they have partnered with us, the company has set its sights on providing us with scrap that can be processed within the UK and supplied to UK remelts, firmly closing the loop.

“We started working with CDW in May last year. The ongoing partnership is providing us with scrap aluminium, which is processed and supplied direct to the remelt within a week of collections,” explains our Commercial Manager, Ed George.

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Thanks to our dedicated closed loop recycling process, we’re set up to consistently produce aluminium that’s 97% clean and in a good enough state to be sent directly to remelting companies and recast into billet for further extrusion. At the same time, we’ve also managed to slash our zinc levels to 0.07% since installing state-of-the-art x-ray technology.

Following in Origin Global’s footsteps

Pile of aluminium ready to be recycled

Like CDW Systems, Origin Global asked us to help them improve their carbon footprint. We made this happen by switching their daily scrap collections to fortnightly collections, which significantly reduced the journeys and emissions associated with transporting materials.

To add to that, we brought our closed loop recycling process into play, passing on 88% of the company’s extrusion to remelting companies. The remaining 12%, which was packaging waste and thermal barrier, was sent for further recycling. (For the full details, read ‘How we helped Origin Global 100% improve their scrap recycling rates.’)

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint using proven tactics, like Origin Global has done and CDW Systems are in the process of doing? Speak to us today about how we can make your green vision a reality with guaranteed results.