New £1million aluminium recycling equipment investment

Consistently redefining and leading the way in all things aluminium recycling is underpinned by our continuous investment in the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Two years ago, we injected £2.5million into enhancing certain pieces of equipment and plant, which included three case wheel loaders and mechanical x-ray sorting machinery.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been building upon this investment by spending £1million on various aluminium recycling equipment, some of which are highly bespoke. The new machinery will not just futureproof the way we work, but enable us to continue to provide our customers with high quality aluminium recycling services.

Our current aluminium recycling machinery investment includes:

  1. A new Atlas machine


We already bought one of these machines at the start of the year to load materials through our pre-shredder and materials into containers.

Now we’ve followed up our initial Atlas machine purchase by buying a second one. However, this newer machine is slightly different due to the fact it’s equipped with a shear attachment. This attachment will specifically enable us to cut through large extrusions and aluminium and stainless coils. Once the coils have been sheared, we can then bale them.

  1. A new aluminium recycling line


Every single aspect of this new line has been built in-house by our on-site maintenance team over the last 18 months. It’s 100% bespoke to us and our requirements and will boost productivity by up to 70%. Having the new line in place means we can put materials through just two processes as opposed to three.

It’s made up of a Bonfigioli Drake 16 Hammer with a full waste downstream removal system.

  1. New radiation detection equipment


We installed our new radiation detection system on our main entrance towards the end of last year. It means that as lorries enter our site, an alarm will sound if any hazardous radiation levels are detected within their loads.

We cannot allow anything of this nature on to our site, and having this equipment in place gives us peace of mind our site remains a hazardous-free zone.

  1. New x-ray technology


As fenestration aluminium recycling is one of the areas we specialise in, we need to be able to separate out all of the smaller fragments of aluminium, copper, zinc and brass from the post-consumer fenestration products we receive.

It’s crucial we’re able to do this accurately and efficiently, so we’ve purchased a new x-ray unit that can decipher the chemical composition of materials and deliver a high degree of separation not possible until now. This latest x-ray technology investment means we now have five x-ray sorters on-site.

Of course, investing in cutting-edge equipment is only half of the equation when it comes to us retaining our industry-leading status within the world of aluminium recycling.

We’re also continuously reviewing and refining every aspect of the way we operate, from our prices and payment, to our collection service and overall carbon footprint. For more on this read, ‘Why we’re the best at what we do.’

In the meantime, for more information about our aluminium recycling services or to discuss your requirements with us, complete the short form on this page or give us a call on 0121 552 0330.